Anabel Matthews
Neverending Light - Anabel Matthews



Voiced By

Michele Santopietro







First Appearance

Neverending Light

Anabel Matthews is a fictional character voiced by Michele Santopietro in Jacob Grahn's video game Neverending Light. The girlfriend of protagonist D, she is the only other person to survive Ned's species' attack at the caverns.

Role in Neverending Light

Having previously been at the caverns, Anabel decided to take her boyfriend, D, there for a tour as a birthday present, however she is soon after kidnapped by creatures in the caverns. While the other tourists were eaten, Anabel managed to fend off her attackers and later re-group with D, who was untouched during the ordeal. The two attempted to escape, although one of the larger monsters then lunged at D before choosing to eat Anabel instead once she intervened. D eventually was able to rescue her, however, and the pair then escaped from the caverns.


In contrast to her boyfriend, Anabel is far more talkative and has the tendency to ramble on for long periods of time. Usually acting cheery and playful, she has an affinity for cute things, especially teddy bears. Anabel also has exceptional fighting skills, something she displays by killing two of the monsters that nobody else could, and secretly cusses frequently when alone and angry.