• JohnTeslaReal

    Nostalgia Project

    November 4, 2017 by JohnTeslaReal

    Currently, we have people who are working to create a Platform Racing 2 Server Client. I belive that there is a lot of people who miss the game and want it back. Click the link below for more detail.

    Here is a quick link to the PR2 Client Project:

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  • Girumon

    Jiggmin-ified the Wiki

    October 12, 2016 by Girumon

    Hello, fellow fans of Jiggmin! In case anyone's confused about today's changes, I've recently become an adopted admin of this wiki so I've been spending the last few hours Jiggmin-ifying the layout and what not, as well as enabling a few features, such as comments.

    I think I'm mostly satisfied with the layout for now. The only thing that still needs some work is the logo since it has a white background that makes it look weird while editing and it lacks "wiki".

    Anyway, that's all. Happy editing! :]

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