Platform Racing 2 - EXP Hat

Platform Racing 2 - Beta EXP Hat

Platform Racing 3 - Baseball Cap

Designer Jiggmin (PR2)

Nicole Swimley (PR3)

Effects Increases experience gained
First Appearance Platform Racing 2 (2008)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)

The EXP Hat (short for Experience Hat), also known as the Baseball Cap, is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 2 and Platform Racing 3 that increases the amount of experience points players earn in matches.

Platform Racing 2

The EXP Hat was the first hat made for Platform Racing 2, being added to the game in March 2008.[1] It resembles a backwards baseball cap, which caused it to earn the nickname "Backwards hat" early on. It originally featured a rougher design with a slimmer visor, though it was updated to its final look when the game was released on Kongregate.


When a user finishes a match while wearing the hat, their amount of earned experience points will automatically be doubled. This multiplier increases by one if they possess multiple EXP Hats, e.g. having two multiplies experience by three and so on.


The EXP Hat can be found randomly in matches with at least one other player. It was also originally the prize for Hat Factory before the Propeller Hat was added.[2]

Platform Racing 3

Returning in Platform Racing 3 as the Baseball Cap, it is the only hat to have been renamed. The cap is no longer backwards and resembles a real baseball hat, dropping the lines and adding a button on top.


Like previously, users wearing the cap when finishing a level are awarded extra experience points. Due to the new EXP Bonus stat, however, the multiplier has been reduced to 1.5. As its effect still stacks, though, 8 player matches allow it to go higher than it could in PR2.


Similarly to the Propeller, Crown and Cowboy Hats, the Baseball Cap was never released, with Jiggmin and CWTest being the only players to have it.