Most updates for Futurism were posted exclusively in the Beta Tester's Club on Jiggmin's forum and are lost. However, due to the club's lenient policy on secrecy, several were made public and archived.[1]


- Can now edit existing guilds:

-- Description

-- Join Policy

-- Banner

--- New banner should force itself to load by adding "?date" to its URL.

- Peace pipe now only affects attacking and bees.

- Image shows on card if it has been peace-piped.


- Design Redoux:

-- New background.

-- Tweaked CSS colors.

-- Spaced out forms and added labels.

-- So time travel-y, oh wow.

-- using /report in the chat no longer crashes the whole server.

-- added a button to leave lobby matches.

I'm still not quite happy with the color of the logo on the title screen, but I've messed with it long enough for today.


I mostly took today off on account of it's Sunday.

- Free Love only affects cards that have an action point left at the end of the turn.

- Removed drop shadow from in-game card text.


Today was mostly a maintenance day with lots of bug fixes and a couple of balancing tweaks.

-- Games start at 1 pride instead of 0, which means the card after your commander can have 2 pride.

-- Fixed bug where sometimes you could get more pride than you should have on a turn.

-- Fixed a client crashing bug. I think it's probably this one (or at least I hope it is).

-- Fixed a 4p bug which would infinite loop and eventually crash the server.

-- Fixed ability to private message people.

-- Networking and recharge now only affect other machines.


I'm mostly working on some of these:

- You can send private messages.

-- You get a lil' notification in the top right when you have a new message.

-- Replying, deleting and reporting should work.

-- Can invite non guild-ified people to your guild.

-- There's some kind of a limit on how many times you can do this per hour, I don't remember exactly.

-- People with invites get a notification much like the private message notification.

-- An invited person can accept the invitation to join the guild, or delete the invitation.

- Guild mods, kicks, and the like should be working.

- Created a guild listing page which includes all guilds, not just those open for joining.

Things that are still a WIP:

- Winning GP for your guild.

- Awarding perks to guilds according to their ranking.

-- Actually making those perks.

- "Ask" join policy for guilds.


- Removed the guild modal (popup) in favor of just linking people to the guild page instead.

- Users can request to join your guild if your join policy is "ask".

-- Guild owners receive a notification of the join request and can accept or delete it.

- Guild moderators are displayed on the guild page.

- Fixed numbering of guilds on /guild-list.

- Fixed uploading guild banners.

- Restricted amount of text that can be entered in a new cards' title and description.

- Split the translation language files up into a bunch of smaller files here

-- Added some missing text to the translation files and removed some now unused text. There's still more work to be done on that front.


- Added a visible timer to show how much time is left before your turn is forced to end.

- Fixed spectating.

- Fixed animations in Chrome (not sure if this only affected my test set up, or if the problem existed on the servers too).