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Jiggmin's Village (commonly abbreviated JV) was the official forum that launched in May 2007 and shut down on 2015-07-27.

Initially a place for fans of Jiggmin's games to congregate, the community eventually expanded to attract non-fans as well and became a more in-general discussion board. Jiggmin's Village was succeeded by the Freegoose forums shortly after its abrupt closure.


On 2006-10-16, Jiggmin announced that a forum and the ability to comment on his updates would soon be added to his website, with an unused account system and placeholder page set up in advanced.[1][2]

The forum later opened following the launch of Jiggmin's second website redesign in May 2007.[3] Unlike subsequent versions, this layout was designed by Jiggmin instead of using vBulletin and lacked many standard features as well as being much simpler, most notable with profiles.[4] The forum initially contained a single section where users discussed Jiggmin's games, though three additional ones for programming, animation and an exclusive one for moderators were created in October.[5][6]

A complete redesign of the forum was released on 2008-07-03 using the default vBulletin 3.0 appearance. As it was run on different software, accounts and posts were unable to be transferred. Along with a more professional look, numerous features were added, including the ability to send private messages, post comments on profiles and add friends. This update also officially named the forum Jiggmin's Village, which it kept until its closure.[7]

On 2009-02-03, Jiggmin created a thread stating a third version of his website was currently in the works.[8] Concept art showcasing the design was posted the next day and an early version was released on Valentine's Day.[9] While the forum continued to run off vBulletin 3 and retained its basic layout, it featured a much more personalized design and introduced multiple features, including blogs, groups and a "Top 5" stats area at the bottom of the index.[10] This is also the only version of the forum to feature Conquest.

Possibility of upgrading to vBulletin 4.0 was first thrown around on 2009-12-18 when Jiggmin stated he had a license for it, though no further news was given until an abrupt 2011-01-12 tweet.[11][12] It's likely Jiggmin's Village was not planned to receive this update, given the scrapped plans of transitioning to one month earlier.[13]

Jiggmin later announced on the 20th that the website would go offline at midnight while accounts and posts were transferred to the new forum.[14] The forum officially re-opened seven hours later featuring an entirely new layout for the first time in three years. While there were few changes functionally, several minor alterations were made, including the addition of a chatbox, modifying the top stats by increasing the amount to ten and moving latest posts to the right side.[15] Further adjustments and features were added over time, such as moving Bubbles! below the sub-header, giving each of Jiggmin's games their own section, moving top stats to the top of the index, an activity tab in profiles and spoiler tags for posts among others.

In 2014, Jiggmin revealed intentions of remaking the forum in Meteor due to difficulties with vBulletin's software before confirming the project in a private Mod Hut thread on 2015-03-07, which was also his final post on the forum.[16][17]

On 2015-07-27,, including the forum, unexpectedly shut down. While Jiggmin set up a replacement website at Freegoose shortly over a month later on September 9th, which was created with Ghost instead, and explained the sudden switch, no announcement was made elsewhere, leaving former members to create and congregate to the fan-made Acid Forums.[18]


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