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2015-07-27 (formerly from April 2006 to January 2007) was Jacob Grahn's second and most well-known website used from April 2006 until 2015-07-27.

The website was officially succeeded by Freegoose on 2015-09-09.


Before's creation, Jiggmin used as his primary website for web design related work. After he began developing games in April 2005, focus gradually shifted until he chose to set up a dedicated website for his games at one year later. Unlike, this website wasn't made in Flash and featured a more traditional design. The first game published on the new site was Uber Pool on 2006-04-13.[1]

A few months later on November 12th, it was announced that the website would soon receive a dedicated server and the URL would be shortened to "", with both occurring the following January.[2] A complete overhaul was released later that May, adding various features including the ability to rate, download and comment on games, addition of the Bubbles! minigame, as well as a forum.[3]

Another redesign was revealed on 2009-02-03, with an early sketch of its appearance including a scrapped Team Jiggmin statistics area posted the next day.[4][5] A beta version was released on Valentine's Day, with the biggest addition being the game section now hosting games from other developers, a feature first planned in 2006. It was, however, later removed in early 2010 for unknown reasons.[6][7] Multiple adjustments were made over the coming months, including changing the logo, improved organization of games and removing comments.[8][9]

Shortly afterwards, Jiggmin started to consider upgrading the website to the upcoming vBulletin 4.0 release on 2009-12-18.[10] However, a year afterwards on 2010-12-17, he posted a blog stating that was planned replaced by shortly.[11] Jiggmin stated the sudden change was because of his desire to shift focus away from himself and more to his games, something his alias was originally intended for. These plans were quickly scrapped a couple hours later following negative feedback from the community, and while information about the earlier mentioned upgrade would be released on 2011-01-12 through a tweet, it's possible PintoGames was planned to receive a variation of the layout.[12]

A week later on 2011-01-20, Jiggmin announced that the website would go offline at midnight while data was transferred and the new design was applied.[13] The site returned seven hours later featuring a more simplistic layout and removing several long-time features, including sorting games by popularity (being limited to release order only), game ratings and descriptions, though the lattermost would return in 2013.[14] In return, users could now post YouTube videos to a "Media" section that would be featured below games, along with the ten latest threads from their forum section placed beside them to promote discussion, though these were later dropped in favor of restoring descriptions. A new "Dev Log" page was also added to the header, where visitors could easily locate information about on-going projects.

In 2014, Jiggmin posted in a thread about a potential fifth version using an entirely different forum software, Meteor, after consistent difficulties with vBulletin.[15] In his final post on 2015-03-07, Jiggmin privately confirmed in the Mod Hut that he was actively working on the project, although a release date wasn't specified.[16]

On 2015-07-27, unexpectedly went permanently offline. Although his next website, Freegoose, opened a month later on September 9th with a post explaining the sudden closure, its legitimacy was questioned by the community as Jiggmin had not mentioned it elsewhere.[17] After roughly a year of uncertainty, Freegoose was confirmed to be Jiggmin's website on 2016-06-18.[18] Despite closing it, Jiggmin has continued to pay for the domain. While the URL briefly redirected to an unrelated website in early 2017, it currently leads to, which is also owned by Jiggmin.[19]


Main article: Jiggmin's Village

Jiggmin's Village - Homepage 2011-2015

A forum named Jiggmin's Village was added after its second redesign in May 2007. Here fans could gather and read about progress on Jiggmin's current projects and discuss his games or unrelated topics with each other. While initially designed by Jiggmin from scratch, the forum later used the vBulletin software.

Dev Log

Main article: Dev Log - Dev Log 2011-2015

The dev log was a page that showcased the ten latest updates to Jiggmin's projects. The frame located at the top featured interchangeable Flash content depending on the time, such as displaying his Motley Monday videos and livestreams along with betas of War of the Web and Luna before they received dedicated pages.


In early 2012, Jiggmin set up several subdomains to house various files related to his games instead of having them all on his main website. As they use different servers, these remained active after the shutdown, although 2 have since been discontinued.

Hosts preloaders and game files for Platform Racing 2, Creation, War of the Web and the Jiggmin's Village chat. Unlike the other sub-websites, no homepage was ever set up for it.

Stored avatars from War of the Web, Creation and the Jiggmin's Village chat. The homepage contained a dead link to a YouTube video titled: "Uprising - Muse make fun of an Italian tv show in this "live" performance - hilarious!".[20] Discontinued on 2018-01-18.

Hosts .txt files that are grabbed from Platform Racing 2, Creation, War of the Web and the Jiggmin's Village chat's preloaders containing links to their real swfs. Homepage has a link to a now deleted K-Pop music video called: "슈퍼키드 (SuperKidd) - '기분 좋아 (feat. 정희주)' MV".

The home of Jiggmin's game Luna and files related to it. Shutdown alongside gamehub's server on 2018-01-18.


1.0 Homepage 2006-2007

Used from April 2006 to May 2007.

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Used from May 2007 to early 2009.

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Used in early 2009. Homepage 2009-2011

Used from 2009 to 2011-01-21

4.0 Homepage 2011-2015

Used from 2011-01-21 until the website's closure.



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Jiggmin Logo 2009-2011

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Used in early The Game of Disorientation builds. Pre-Loader Logo 2006-2009

Used from 2006 until 2009. Pre-Loader Logo 2012

Used in War of the Web and Jiggmin's YouTube videos.