Motley Monday Title Card
The following article contains a list of episodes of Jiggmin's weekly Motley Monday series that ran from 2012-12-04 to 2013-09-04. The series has 36 official episodes in total, with 1-22 being short 1-2 minute videos uploaded to YouTube while 23-36 were blogs posted directly to Jiggmin's website.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]

Videos (Season 1)

Video Title Description Date
Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.1

None - Described Motley Monday's format and listed ideas, including:

-- Chris736's Viking hat, which breaks brick blocks from all sides.

-- VforVendetta's trial moderators.

-- Jiggmin's option for users to change the email associated with their account.

Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.2 - Passwords Are Amusing

Passwords are Amusing - Players can now restore levels modified or deleted within the last month.

- Added Korra's optional passwords that are required to play levels suggestion.

- Listed ideas:

-- ToxicFlame's Level of the Week tab.

-- EugeneJudo's Time block.

-- Omegaguineapig's schedule for Happy Hours.

-- Thepro1998's Workman's Helmet, which would let the wearer crumble any block.

-- PR2Brony's White Tie Wednesday, where Jiggmin reviews levels in fancy clothing.

Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.3 - Santa Tree Grants Wishes

Santa Tree Grants Wishes - Added a "*" next to the PMs tab when players receive new private messages, suggested by omegagunieapig.

- Listed ideas:

-- Jugularjugular's mute only music option.

-- larsyuipo's custom item block.

-- alex:)'s Gingerbread set.

Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.4 - Christmas Update

Christmas Update - Added alex:)'s Gingerbread set as random prizes.

- New "Prismatic" song by Lunanova for levels.

Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.5 - Deathmatches R Us

Deathmatches R Us - New deathmatch mode suggested by XerthX. 2012-12-31
Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.6 - WASD up?

WASD Up? - Added custom controls that can be changed in the options menu.

- Turning off music now mutes menu theme.

- Ideas mentioned:

-- YoshiamaAang's "Freeze Ray" item.

Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.7 - Rank Tokens

Rank Tokens - The +3 rank F@H prize has been replaced with three rank tokens that can be used at any time. Two more have also been added as higher prizes. 2013-01-14
Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.8 - Infinite Times are Good Times

Infinite Times are Good Times - VforVendetta's trial moderator idea is now in-place.

- It is now possible to have unlimited time for levels, suggested by bls1999.

- Ideas listed:

-- Thales4000's hat selection in the level editor.

Motley Monday ep

Motley Monday ep.9 - Hat Stash

Hat Stash - Players can now use any hat in the level editor while testing, suggested by Thales4000.

- Ideas mentioned:

-- Tommy8's Jigg Hat.

-- Tacchi's Taco parts.

-- Hipponator's one question forum section.

Motley Monday 10 - Changelog About Changelogs

Motley Monday 10 - Changelog About Changelogs

Changelog About Changelogs - A changelog containing a list of updates each Motley Monday will be PMed to every player in PR2 to help with confusion, suggested by GamerProist.

- Jigg Hat is revealed, though players must find where it's located.

Motley Monday 11 - Valentine's Deathmatch

Motley Monday 11 - Valentine's Deathmatch

Valentine's Deathmatch - New heart block that grants players extra health in deathmatches and briefly makes them invincible, suggested by The Pro.

- Ideas mentioned:

-- Scum's Sir parts.

Motley Monday 12 - Color Picking

Motley Monday 12 - Color Picking

Color Picking - Platform Racing 3 's color picker has been added, suggested by FinalCheetah. 2013-02-19
Motley Monday 13 - Spring Cleaning

Motley Monday 13 - Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning - Deathmatches now have a new symbol on the lobby, suggested by larsyuipo.

- New "Delete All" button for private messages.

- Chat bar is hopefully fixed.

- Players can teleport anywhere in the level editor by clicking, suggested by usb hub.

- Announcement of a contest between two possible items: the Ice Wave and Triple Bow. Players could vote in the comments, Facebook and/or Twitter.

NA None - New Walking Eggs game mode. 2013-03-04
Motley Monday 14 - Clash of the Titans

Motley Monday 14 - Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans - Ice Wave won contest by ten votes.

- Players can now restore their own rank tokens.

- In-game clock no longer cuts off if a level has a large amount of time.

- Another contest between two level designing features: a text tool and block skins.

Motley Monday 15 - Text Always Wins

Motley Monday 15 - Text Always Wins

Text Always Wins - After holding it off for several weeks, a text tool has been added. 2013-03-19
Motley Monday 16 - Alien Eggs

Motley Monday 16 - Alien Eggs

Alien Eggs - Upgraded Walking Eggs to Alien Eggs where the aliens now attack players.

- Ideas listed:

-- Kwing's Objective mode.

-- aaaaaa1234567890's mini-map teleportation.

-- -AnthraX-'s one way blocks.

Motley Monday 17 - Achieve all Endings

Motley Monday 17 - Achieve all Endings

Achieve all Endings - New Objective game mode where players must bump all finish blocks to win. Suggested by Kwing and Roflkoy. 2013-04-11
Motley Monday 18 - Cowboy Frankenstein

Motley Monday 18 - Cowboy Frankenstein

Cowboy Frankenstein - Players can now set the chance of Super Flying Cowboy Mode appearing in their level, suggested by Reki* and Ramon Noodles. 2013-04-18
Motley Monday 19 - Bow Ties are Cool

Motley Monday 19 - Bow Ties are Cool

Bow Ties are Cool - New time block that adds ten seconds to the clock, suggested by EugeneJudo.

- Added Sir set as random prizes, suggested by Spectre.

- Possibility of a new campaign.

Motley Monday 20 - Cardboard Guild

Motley Monday 20 - Cardboard Guild

Cardboard Guild - Players can now join guilds and earn guild points.

- Profiles now include avatars, last login dates and guilds.

- Announcement of the Vault of Magics.

- Mentioned ideas:

-- Ultralord's new private message system.

-- Andaya's various hat, part and item designs.

-- icedude545's guild icons.

Motley Monday 21 - Free Speech

Motley Monday 21 - Free Speech

Free Speech - Private messages now include a partial history of previous ones, suggested by Ultralord.

- Color, bold, large and other tags are available for private messages.

- New "PM Everyone" button in guilds.

- Announcement of the Legendary campaign, which will be chosen by Jiggmin over the next week.

Motley Monday 22 - Epic Campaign

Motley Monday 22 - Epic Campaign

Epic Campaign Legendary campaign (now known as the Epic campaign) has been released. 2013-05-27

Blogs (Season 2)

# Title Description Date
23 None - Added the ability for players to change the email associated with their account after one was already set. 2013-06-04
24 Tournament Server - New tournament server is available:

-- Players start at the same point with the same stats.

-- Match winner is announced in the chat.

-- Super Flying Cowboy Mode is disabled unless the level has a 100% chance.

- Finish times are now marked by point 1/100th of a second. (Mentioned as exclusive to the Tournament server, though is actually on all)

25 Quick Private Server Update - "!!" Appears next to servers on the main menu when they're having a Happy Hour.

-- Servers users can't enter are now placed at the bottom of the list.

- Guild leaders are now indicated with a Crown beside their name.

26 Swearing at Tournaments - The swear filter can now optionally be toggled off in options.

- Maximum amount of guild members has been increased to 100.

- Private servers can run a custom tournament, with guild leaders being able to type these commands:

-- /t on

-- /t off

-- /t [hat] [speed] [acceleration] [jumping]

27 Here Comes the... - Added Taco parts as random prizes. 2013-07-01
28 Lists are so Bling - New guild list in the Players tab that displays the top guilds along with their daily amount of guild points and active users. 2013-07-09
29 Motley Receipts - Enabled https for all purchases.

- Released Epic Upgrades for the Classic set.

- New guild-shared Token++ in the Vault of Magics.

- Vault purchases now send a private message containing a receipt.

30 Profile Loadouts - Added a feature that allows players to save up to three loadouts for their character and stats. Pressing their corresponding number on the keyboard allows for quick switching. 2013-07-23
31 Cat Captchas - New anti-macro measure that causes a pop-up telling the player to click on an image of a cat after they receive 25,000 experience points in one day. Clicking on a dog eliminates the chance of gaining experience for several hours. 2013-07-31
32 Long Live the Contests! - Contest owners now have the ability to award weekly prizes to winners.[12] 2013-08-07
33 Stahp Talking to Yourself - (gone) is now displayed next to a player's name when they leave a match.

- Users no longer have to log back in before they can find the artifact.

- Resolved Vault body part renting issues.

- Epic colors no longer reset.

34 Onion Layers of Feelings - Two new layers for drawing. One allows for drawing over blocks and characters while the other is for quick effects. 2013-08-19
35 Turn that Frown Upside Down - New Slender set obtainable in "-Deliverance-" by changelings.

- Servers resetting now cause a Happy Hour, an extra experience bonus and Fred sets to trigger.

36 Cooperative (but still evil) Eggs - New Egg Minion block that attacks players. 2013-09-04