Party Hat

Platform Racing 2 - Party Hat

Platform Racing 3 - Party Hat

Designer Jiggmin (PR2)

Nicole Swimley (PR3)

Effects Absorbs lightning.
First Appearance Platform Racing 2 (2009)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)

The Party Hat is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 2 and Platform Racing 3 that protects the player from Lightning.

Platform Racing 2

Announced on 2009-12-29, the Party Hat was the seventh and final hat added to the game before Platform Racing 3's release.[1] It is the second to be holiday themed, having the appearance of a stereotypical striped birthday/party hat.


Those wearing the hat are immune to Lightning.


Logging in on New Year's Eve or Day automatically awards the hat to the player, while on other days of the year its winnable as a random prize with at least one other person.

Platform Racing 3

Revealed on 2010-12-30, the Party Hat returned in Platform Racing 3 with a new design, replacing the stripes with spots and removing the fuzzy tip.[2]


Like its previous incarnation, the Party Hat absorbs Lightning, protecting the player from getting stunned and losing other hats.


Users are given the hat if they login on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Unlike the Santa Hat, it was also made a random prize in the Level of the Day nine months after release due to a bug that caused few to receive it.