Top Hat

Platform Racing 2 - Top Hat

Platform Racing 3 - Top Hat

Platform Racing 3 - Top Hat (Sketch)

Designer Jiggmin (PR2)

Nicole Swimley (PR3)

Effects Pass through certain blocks.
First Appearance Platform Racing 3 (2010)
Latest Appearance Platform Racing 2 (2011)

The Top Hat is a wearable hat in Platform Racing 2 and Platform Racing 3 that allows users to walk through certain types of blocks.

Platform Racing 3

An early sketch version of the Top Hat was added to Platform Racing 3 shortly after its open beta release and frequently worn by Jiggmin before it received its final design several months later.


Wearing the hat allows users to freely pass through crumble and vanish blocks.


The Top Hat was one of four hats made available as a random prize in the Level of the Day for the game's final update on 2011-09-20.

Platform Racing 2

Announced on 2011-04-16, the Top Hat was the only hat introduced in Platform Racing 3 to be brought over to Platform Racing 2.[1] It retains relatively the same design as its predecessor, although it has less of a tilt and its ribbon is slightly raised.


Players with the hat can walk through vanish blocks and hold up while standing in a line of them to quickly shoot themselves upwards.


The Top Hat is the prize of "The Golden Compass" by -Shadowfax-, referred to as "The Guardian of the Top Hat", which was selected from a contest that lasted several months.[2][3] Previously it was given out by hand from Jiggmin during one of his livestreams to those whose email he read or level he played.[4] Jiggmin planned for accounts that were two years or older to automatically receive the hat prior to the contest, though this was scrapped once he discovered the database storing join dates was broken.[5]


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