Jiggmin's Village - Village Center

Village Center was a sub-forum on Jiggmin's Village that contained the main sections.

Welcoming Gates

A forum for new members to introduce themselves and read basic guides. Its content was later expanded to include farewell threads, along with unofficially to post count, anniversary and other milestones for a brief period.[1]

Discussion Hall

The second most popular section where users discussed anything that didn't break the rules. This was the only section to lack stickied threads.[2]

Library of the Ancients

This section contained tutorials, documents and the village rules among others.[3] Due to its ambiguous name and lack of viewable description, users often mistakenly posted stories and other miscellaneous threads in it.[4]

The former "Announcements and Rules" section was merged with it on 2013-07-16, as Jiggmin wanted Welcoming Gates to be the first section new members saw.


A sub-section that housed private Shadow Council of Nine discussions/votes that were since declassified.

Ask a Mod

A private section where members could post threads viewable only by them and staff. This is also the only section banned users could post in.

Voters United

A campaigning section created on 2014-05-13 used once for users to elect members for the Shadow Council of Nine. While planned to be used every 4 months, this was scrapped once Jiggmin became inactive.[5]