Updates are sorted by publish date and taken from archived blog entries made by Jiggmin.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14] Versions before 6 weren't made public, so only ones afterwards are listed. Version 21 was either skipped or not published, and updates 23, 25-26 weren't archived.


Alpha v.6

- Fixed Kongregate soldiers.

- Fixed bug where selling weapons caused you to lose coin.


Alpha v.7

- Added search to HQ.


Serverrrrrrssrsrs (Alpha v.8)

- Moved everything over to a new server.

- Fixed infinite turn glitch.

- Default starting coin is now 9,999.

- Guest names are more charming.


Alpha v.9

- The number of soldiers you attack with is now limited by your Military Coordination.

- Soldiers' weapons are displayed in the barracks.

- Spending more than 128 turns works correctly.


Alpha v.10

- Enemy buildings are unknown until you or someone from your team spies on them. Information can go out of date, so spying before you attack may be a good idea. 

- Basic attack animation added.


Alpha v.11

- Attacking a building now updates that building's information in your nations' spy network. Other players on your team can see what that building is and how much health it has without needing to spy on it.

- After attacking, a more detailed breakdown of the battle is available.


Alpha v.12

- Soldiers who survive battles now receive +1 rank, or +5 rank if their luck was 9.

- Menus now work for destroyed buildings. Destroyed buildings still don't contribute to your stats (Millitary Coordination, etc).

- Several restrictions have been removed. You can attack even if you have no soldiers or HQs.

- If you attack or defend without any soldiers, your militia is used. They are rank 1 soldiers who are equipped with no weapon.

- The cost to attack has been increased to 5 turns.

- Strongholds now actually contribute to your defensive bonus.


Alpha v.13

- Added a bottom bar that shows the level and health of whatever building your mouse is hovering over.

- Added the ability to research projects using your Space Research buildings.

- Reduced the initial cost of the Space Research building.

- Fixed the bug where you couldn't upgrade or sell a level 1 city.


Alpha v.14

- You can steal coin, turns, research, and weapons by attacking certain buildings. You can also destroy an enemy team's information on you by attacking one of their spy networks.

- If you attack someone from your personal revenge list, you get a +50% attack bonus.

- If you attack someone from your national revenge list, you get a +25% attack bonus.


Alpha v.15

- Added a launch button to any Launch Sites that can send a ship to Mars.

- The first team to launch a ship will win the game.

- After the first launch, other people can launch within the next 6 hours. It won't change the outcome of the game, but the fact that you went to Mars will be recorded in the Martian hall of fame.

- 6 Hours after the first launch, the game will restart.

  • All of your buildings were kind of accidentally deleted.


Beta v.16

- Reduced coin production in cities

- Added tax/happiness system in cities

- Your empire's happiness provides an attack bonus (or penalty)

- Added "find" function to Spy Hubs

- Moved alerts from the Spy Hub menu to the top left bar

- Fixed strength stat when spying on enemies


Beta v.17

- Added a max coin limit of 99,999

- Changed the weapon power of "No Weapon" to 0.5. This was already the case for militia, but now it works for regular soldiers as well.

- Fixed weirdness with soldiers' death animation

- Fixed the "Find" function in Spy Hubs

- Upgrading a stronghold now updates your defense map right away

- Winning the game no longer causes it to reset completely. Only the research is reset, and all Launch Sites are changed to level 1.

- The winning team from the previous game gets to wear a helmet, and they get a 10% "Martian Blood" attack and defense bonus.

- To balance things out, the winning team has to pay a research penalty. The penalty will keep getting steeper if the same team keeps winning several times in a row.


Beta v.18

- 1 turn is given out every minute

- Fixed the backward-ness of the "You've been attacked" alerts

- The alerts appear in a more eye catching way

- Added a basic ranged attack animation


Beta v.19

- Added a popup that appears after the game has reset that lists everyone who was able to launch in the 6 hour window.

- Added research icons

- Kong gets a 25% attack bonus

- New Geo gets a 33% revenge bonus

- Jiggs gets a 15% gold bonus

- Face gets a 100% spy bonus

- Armor gets a 25% defense bonus


Beta v.20

- Guests can no longer attack, research, or rank buildings above level 3.

- Added a welcome page of sorts.

- You can opt to repair cities with turns rather than coin. This is handy if all of your cities are destroyed, and you have no coin to repair them with.

- Set up the Martian Hall of Fame at

- Enemies can't attack you with a bunch of militia any more.

- Some other stuff, probably.


Beta v.22

- Added a dropdown button to the top left. Clicking it will show a page of anyone who has attacked you recently. You could actually do this before, but there wasn't any indication that the area was clickable.

- If your soldiers die while attacking, their weapons will be scavenged by the enemy.

- Clicking on a "somone attacked you" alert will bring up a detailed battle summary. (This will only work for attacks that happen after this update.)

- When attacking, the battle summary automatically appears after the battle animation is completed.

- Guest avatars are now given a random background color.



- Alert sound only plays once per batch o' alerts.

- Added an intro.

- Wrote a poem.

- Defenders will never have 0 luck.

- Updated newgrounds screenshot.

- Trying out a song called Vital Mech by MF-Greth.

- Usernames in the launch site menu are now clickable.

- Max weapons increased to 9,999.

- Max coin increased to 999,999.

- Research costs have been multiplied by 10 (preparing for the release).



- [change] You no longer lose weapons when attacking.

- [change] Max weapons reduced to 999.

- [change] Cost to attack reduced to 1 turn.

- [improvement] Fixed pixle-y-ness of the small versions buildings on the bottom bar.

- [improvement] Using your spy hub to search for people gives you an explanation of how your spy level affects the results.

- [improvement] New players get a brief instructional message.

- [improvement] Buildings now have symbols on them to help you tell which is which when looking at enemy buildings. HQs have targets, Barracks have fists, cities have the coin logo, armories have swords, and spy hubs have a spy peeking out from behind.

- [improvement] Fixed some of the visual oddness when zooming in and out of tiles.

- [bugfix] Taking national revenge no longer deprives someone of taking personal revenge.

- [bugfix] Someone taking revenge on you no longer removes them from your recent target list.



- [feature] Clicking on someone's name in the chat will bring up their empire.

- [feature] Spying one someone has a chance to sabotage their strongholds for the next attack. This chance increases if you have a strong spy network, and decreases if your target has a strong spy network.

- [change] You can steal coin by attacking a stronghold.

- [bugfix] Negative attack bonuses now show "Some Bonus - 25%" instead of "Some Bonus + -25%"

- [bugfix] Changed the shown cost of weapons to reflect what they actually are. (Thanks Suuper)



- [change] Everything is awesommmmmmmeee.



- Officially released on other websites.



- Added an instructions button. It links to Kongregate, though, so it'd be fancy if other websites could get their own page.



- Updated instructions on other versions to link to their respective websites.



- Soldiers now leave if you sell their baracks.